Saturday, April 30, 2016

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?
  • Have you had enough of the propaganda? 
  • Have you Had enough of the illusion that you're still living in a Constitutional Republic?  
  • Have you Had enough of the violations by government at all levels of the nation's Constitution?
  • Are you completely fed up with how sociopaths run this nation?  
  • Are you fed up with chaos and conflict being  more the norm than the exception?
  • Have you had enough of conspiracy theories, that blame super rich, blue-blood psychotics for everything that is wrong with the cultures of earth?  
  • Are you fed up with those that blame societal conditions on aliens from outer space?  On the oil cartels?  On the drug cartels?
  • Are you done with incessant doom and gloom predictions that merely perpetuate deteriorating conditions and promote a culture that dictates that you should just give up and wait for the coming holocaust?

We start here. We begin with the basis that WE can cause our destiny. We are not victims, nor do we submit or surrender.

We understand, that some will have come through the social manifestation (the travesty, pretense, confusion, and lies) that is referred to as culture, society, or civilization, but the "buck" stops here.

Here and now, YOU have the choice, of self determination, and the responsibility that emerges with it.  You have the right and the responsibility to make a decision to take charge of your own Life and its associations and "adjacents."

This is in contrast to the philosophical outlook that someone or something, other than yourself, is responsible for the condition you find yourself in today.  You can end that here and now, and emancipate yourself with a declaration that YOU are the determining factor in your existence.

The mob of collectivism cannot perceive itself outside its own prison. Only when emancipated individuals come thus together, is a True Group possible. Those Free Men and Women are the defenders and the Vanguard of Freedom.

"...People sleep peacefully in their beds at night because they do not depend on rough men to do violence on their behalf; they are prepared to do it for themselves..."

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