Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Vanguard of Freedom is an information network designed differently than other media:
The fundamental premise for Vanguard of Freedom is that WE have the choice of self determination, and the responsibility that emerges with it.  We have the right and the responsibility to make a decision to take charge of our lives, its associations, and "adjacents."
We acknowledge and understand that the confusion and travesty that passes for civilization or society is the work of incompetent criminals cloaked in a false legitimacy, and their attempts at creating cultures have only resulted in various forms of criminal enterprise. They have no clue on how to construct a small group, much less advance a culture or a civilization.
You and I could solve our neighborhood problems over coffee in one afternoon, and we could "reverse engineer" any vision into its components and solve the many issues that appear to plague us.  This outlook is in direct contrast to today's convention that someone or something other than yourself is responsible for the condition you find yourself in today.
The BUCK stops here. 
We posit as the basis of our endeavors that WE cause our destiny.  We are not victims, nor do we submit or surrender to anyone or anything.
We therefore emancipate ourselves here and now, and move forward to become knowledgeable, informed and able, so that we can advance the cause of freedom for ourselves and others.

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